The Ultimate Website, Business & Marketing Automation for Endurance Coaches.

A “no-worries” WordPress website, integrated CRM, create funnels, email campaigns, book appointments, get contracts signed, and more – all for one low price.

Packed with All the Essentials to Run and Market Your Endurance Coaching Business

Optimized Website

We start by creating an epic home for your coaching business with everything your potential athletes need to choose you as their coach. Sites include a Home page, Pricing page, About page, Blog page and a Contact page. Customized to represent you and your brand. Optimized with several “calls-to-action” for easy lead collection and client communication.

Meet The Bee Hive (powered by Groundhogg) – Your Customer Relationship Management System

The Bee Hive is your customer hub in which all of your client and potential client information is stored. This is also where you are able to easily automate actions, nurture your leads, send emails and email blasts, segment your list, grow your list and so much more.

All of Your Essential Business Tools in One Place

The Bee Hive is buzzing with additional tools that all coaches need to successfully run their businesses. You are able to get contracts/waivers signed digitally, accept payments for your services, and schedule appointments with your clients or prospects.

Done-for-You Marketing Content and Sales Funnels

Save time and resources and create new client opportunities by letting us provide you with professionally designed Lead Magnets specifically for your target audience. We also create the associated sales funnel that will help you turn a lead into a client.

This is a game changer

I am amazed that such a tool exists. It’s everything I need to run my business and I don’t have to waste any time trying to figure stuff out, and all for an unbelievably low price.
Coach John
Happy Coach


We are currently accepting “Bee”ta (Beta) Testers to help us perfect HoneyHub. Receive an EPIC discount that is locked in for as long as you are in the hive and take advantage of all the tools we provide as well as free access to future upgrades. Join us and “bee” a founding member.



(Reg. $149/mo)

  • Discount Pricing for Life
  • Full Access to all Business Tools and future upgrades
  • Optimized Website
  • Easily Manage all Your Clients and Leads
  • Integrated Booking Calendar
  • Get Contracts Signed digitally
  • Easily Accept Payments
  • Done-for-You Marketing Tools
  • Easily Automate Emails and Actions

How can your coaching business benefit?

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.


Easy Marketing

What’s a coach without clients to work with? Create a buzz with HoneyHub lead magnets and marketing funnels.


Provide Excellence

Provide high quality service and communition and give your athletes experiences they’ll remember.



Keep track of client details and track your hot leads so you can keep growing.


Save Time and Money

Everything you need in one place and one low price.

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Marketing Terminology Every Coach
Needs to Understand and Implement

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a fundamental business tool that every coach needs to organize your contact info and manage your relationship with current and prospective customers, clients, and other contacts. You are able to collect and store important information about your contacts that help you better serve them. Included in the CRM collection of tools are lead generating automations, high converting funnels, email campaigns, all kinds of automation. CRM’s help coaches perform their services with excellence and help them continually generate new clients.

A contact is the term for anyone you are or want to be in contact with. This includes current or past clients and prospective clients (leads). A contact record is where all of the information about a contact is stored.

A lead is a contact that is a prospective client who is interested in your services. A lead becomes a lead as soon as they’ve take action to express interest in your business or services. This can include social media followers, those who have provided their name and/or email address in exchange for something you’ve offered (see Lead Magnet), someone who has signed up on your website for your monthly newsletter, a past client, a referral, just to name a few. As coaches, the marketing process is to continually gain leads and convert them into clients.

A lead magnet is something you provide for free (or for a very low price) that is valuable to your target market. Think of it as a free gift that you give to potential clients. In exchange for the free gift, potential clients provide you their name and email address and become an active lead. A fundamental rule of effective marketing is to provide value to your audience before you ask anything of them. An effective lead magnet is something that accurately represents you and is valuable to the person you’re seeking as a client.

A funnel, as relates to The Bee Hive, is an automated system of steps that accomplishes any number of business tasks. A common use of a funnel is to convert leads into clients by use of email campaigns (see email campaigns). However, funnels can do many other tasks such as perform automated actions after purchase, automated reminders, send a birthday message on your client’s birthday, send a series of emails that are part of a “challenge” or series of workouts, or anything at all. They can be used to add or remove tags (see tags), book appointments, get waivers signed, update contact information, notifications to you, and much more.

An email campaign is a series of emails that are sent over a given amount of time. In a CRM, email campaigns are automatically sent as part of a funnel (see funnel). Common types of marketing related email campaigns are short term nurture (nurturing a lead into a client), long term nurture (periodic emails to leads who’ve not yet become clients), promotions for products or services, special announcements or discounts. See Marketing Automation for further discussion on automation.

Marketing automation refers to any number of tasks that occur automatically based on a triggering event and a set of actions (funnel). Any task that you do in your business that is repetitive can most likely be automated to save you time and money while improving your service. An example of how coaches use automation: a social media follower clicks on your website to check out the free “Couch to 5K” training plan you just posted about. You have an opt-in form set up on your website asking the visitor to provide their first name and email in order to receive the training plan. Once they provide that information, your automation is triggered (by the form submission) and they receive a few emails from you (automatically). They immediately receive the training plan and they are automatically created as a new contact in your CRM and a few tags are added to help you segment and search. You receive an automatic notification that someone just filled out the form. From there, your new lead will receive a few more emails from you about your services and helping them better know who you are (short-term nurture). Each email includes an invitation to set up a free consultation. Your new lead, who loves the “Couch to 5K” training plan you gave them for free, sets up a free consultation to talk about your coaching services.

A tag is a way to segment your contacts based on actions they’ve taken or identifiable attributes you want to keep track of. Tags can also be used to perform other actions such as triggering automations or used in searches. Tags can be applied automatically during automation. For example, once your new coaching client digitally signs your coaching waiver or contract, tags can be applied automatically (tag examples: Current Coaching Client; Client Signed Waiver). Tags are integral to a CRM system and have many other uses.

WordPress is an open-source website builder and content management system. Because it is open-source (meaning anyone can use it) anyone can create apps (plugins) and themes to work with WordPress and for this reason, WordPress is always being improved. It is considered highly flexible and customizable and easy to use. HoneyHub websites are WordPress sites.