Created by Endurance Coaches For Endurance Coaches

The story behind HoneyHub isn’t so much about us as it is about you. It’s common for small business owners such as coaches and fitness professionals to be excellent technicians but that doesn’t necessarily translate into excellent business administrators and technical wizards. Being great at what you do isn’t always enough. You need the right tools too.

My name is Cindy. I’ve been involved with endurance sports since I was 9, as a competitive runner, and later, multisport athlete. I received a degree in Nutrition and eventually moved into coaching and have since been very involved with the culture of endurance sports and coaching endurance athletes.

It’s been my observation that many coaches and fitness professionals enthusiastically step into the role of coach but struggle with the business and marketing side of things. All dressed up and ready to go but starting at ground level. I see this every day as I work with a popular coaching certification company. I see coaches enter the business of coaching without the business tools. It can feel overwhelming and it can be discouraging.

How do I find clients? I have no idea where to begin with a website. What the heck is hosting? What’s a domain name? I know I need to market but where do I begin? What are the essential tools I need to run my business? Who has time for social media?

Experience and education in your craft doesn’t have an answer for these questions. But we do. You are the reason we created HoneyHub. You are the coach who’s ready to thrive and seeks to remove obstacles that bog you down. We remove your obstacles.

We chose the name HoneyHub and our little “yet to be named” Bee mascot because honey is natural, sweet and it attracts. And bees are completely awe inspiring. We’ve created a hub of connected tools that will help YOU attract your ideal clients and we’ll be the little worker bees behind the scene making you look EPIC. The story is just beginning. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Meet The Team

Cindy Abrami

CEO & Founder

Mike Fasth

CFO & Business Specialist

Our Core Values

1. We believe in providing our service with excellence. We believe communication should be kind and responsive and everyone treated with respect.

2. We value constructive criticism so that we can continue to improve as people and improve our product to best serve coaches.

3. We believe integrity and honesty are among the most important virtues to possess. We strive to uphold our reputation and to act above reproach in all things.

4. We believe in the goodness and mission of endurance coaches and respect what they do. Coaches change lives every day.