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Social Media for Endurance Coaches

The HoneyHub Content Club for Endurance Coaches provides Endurance Coaching specific Social Media Graphics and Content so you can spend less time at your computer and more time with your athletes.

In this era of remote coaching and massive social media usage, now is the time to grow your social media presence and fill your roster.

We’re Here to Help!

Monthly Bundles to Your inbox

Monthly bundles include 30+ Endurance Coaching Specific post graphics and post content every month. Each can be used as-is or as Canva Templates for your own customization. Log in to download your bundle and Content Calendar for simple, quick social media posting.

simple to use

The whole goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you. We place everything you need right at your fingertips in a copy/paste format.

All at a low monthly fee

I’m a coach too. I understand the benefit of low overhead and high productivity. We’ve priced the HoneyHub Content Club just right to help you grow your coaching business affordably. Just $14.99/month

Your April Bundle is Ready to Go!

Here’s What you Get!

  • 31 Post Graphics – Included as downloadable as-is, and as Canva Templates
  • Inspirational, Humor, Expert Advice, Nutrition Corner, Research Corner, Sample Workouts, and more
  • 13 Expert Advice Posts which include Coaching Specific Advice and Graphic
  • Canva Templates – All 30 graphics can be customized in Canva (Super easy)
  • Monthly Content Overview (see below)
  • Observances – Easter
  • Super Simple Monthly Content Calendar organized by week, providing all your content in one simple location for easy copy/paste
  • How-to Tutorials and Support to make this an easy, time-saving, results driven process for anyone, no matter your technical skill

Easy, Simple Monthly Subscription

You’ll receive a new bundle every month! USD, Recurring Payment. Cancel Anytime!

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  • Less than $.50 a Day
  • Save Time and Build Your Roster
  • 30+ Social Media Graphics Each Month
  • Expert Advice Post Content, Customizable or Post As-Is
  • Monthly Content Calendary Makes Posting Quick and Easy

$14.99/ month

Simply Organized for Easy Use

Your monthly bundle is organized within a Monthly Content Calendar, with each posted listed by date with a suggested posting time. Quickly access each Social Media graphic, copy and paste the related content and post (or schedule the post). We also include all of the graphics in a separate file, in order of date they are to be posted. It couldn’t be more simple, quick and efficient.

it couldn’t be more simple

  • Click and Join the Club – You’ll have membership access to your Bundles and Marketing Support
  • Download Your Monthly Bundle – Just a couple of quick clicks
  • Schedule Your Posts – we recommend using a content scheduling app (there are free or paid versions available)
  • Relax, Enjoy Your Extra Time
  • Have Fun and Focus on your Athletes Instead of Your Marketing
  • And No Worries because we show you how to quickly set up your posts in only a matter of minutes

Your Monthly Bundle Hits all
the C’s of Great Marketing

Why I Created this Content Club
for Endurance Coaches

I’m Cindy and I’m a Running and Multisport Coach and I learned along time ago that Coaches become coaches because they want to Coach and most of us don’t want to spend time trying to learn a new marketing skill set. 

Most coaches don’t have time to put together a social media strategy or don’t know how to.  But at the same time, to be visible to potential clients and to take advantage of the huge social media marketplace, Social Media Marketing is a MUST

We’re then faced with A) Figure out how to do it and get real good at it, B) Hire some type of marketing agency to do it for you and spend way too much money for content that isn’t true to your profession and isn’t in YOUR Coach’s Voice, C) Just struggle along as best you can, with inconsistent posting that doesn’t represent the coach that you are. 

We needed a better solution and one that is Endurance Coach specific, cost-effective and time-saving.  Online and Remote Coaching is growing at a rapid rate and athletes are much more likely to hire a remote coach. Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media usage has increased by 30%.  Let’s get our coaching businesses out there, visible, known and trusted!

Now more than ever, Coaches need to be visible to their potential clients and having a well established and maintained social media presence is absolutely essential.